Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Missed Connection

I did something pretty amazing immediately followed by something pretty stupid just the other day. I went to a bar, got a girl's number, and promptly lost it. The best part though was that I didn't speak a single word to her the whole time. It was quite a night. I'm not sure where to start, so I guess I'll start at the beginning.

The night started out a little rough. None of my friends were going to go out. So I decided to pregame with some Sparkz while playing Geometry Wars on my XBox 360 (most addictive game ever). I figure, If you're going out alone, you need to be in the right state of mind, right? It has awesome upbeat music, and it fosters a competitiveness that, when combined with the caffeine from Sparkz, creates the aggressiveness and focus one needs to engage and dominate in most social conditions. This day was no exception. I was about ready to leave, when my roommate tells me we're going to a birthday party at China 1, a bar in the East Village.

We got to the bar, went downstairs, and it was packed. I couldn't help but smile, there was so much potential. The music was loud, but you could still talk. The dance floor had a good ratio; I spotted a group of three girls dancing with 1 guy, and a set of two girls dancing with each other, plus a lot of couples. Also, there were several bars, but the one we were closest too wasn't too crowded. I'll be honest, I just got there, and I was already having fun. We cut through the dance floor and made our way to the back, where we met the birthday boy. I was itching to dance, so I'm putting on some moves while we push through the crowd.

We make it to a set of sofas and spot a comfy seat right in the corner. I'm sitting on the sofa, drinking my beer, making small talk with the birthday boy. There's another group of his friends sitting to my left having their own conversation. But three of the four of them leave, and as I lean into my own conversation, I couldn't help but notice that I just blocked out the fourth from our conversation. She's sitting pretty, twiddling her thumbs and we're laughing at stupid jokes. One glance at her and I put on my widest, slyest grin, turned over my shoulder and asked her a question.

"Hey, let me ask you something. What do you think of this idea for a bar? A midget themed bar." She laughs. "I call it Midgies, where the tables and chairs are small, and all the bartenders are midgets." She loved it. I wish I could take full credit for this opener, but I can't. It belongs to one of my best friends from college. Although, I'd like to think we both came up with it together. I probably shouldn't have shared this one.

We made a few jokes and were talking for about 45 minutes, when out of nowhere, one of the three dudes who left her sits down next to her. It was obvious they knew each other well by the way they started talking to each other. I had to fix where this was going, so I said to her, "Don't be rude, introduce me to your friend." I stuck out my hand to shake his, and she introduces him to me as her husband. I keep my smile on my face, and talk to them both as if it's no big deal. In my mind though, I'm screaming "Holy shit dude, what a waste of time!! Didn't you see her ring? Wait, I never looked. Yup, there it is. Shit dude! Bail!" He leaves to hang out with the other guys. At this point I'm thinking to myself, "Ok, make a graceful exit. Don't just stay here talking to her."

After a few minutes, I was rescued. A friend of mine joined us in the back. As she approached us, I stood up, hugged her and start chatting with her right in front of Married McRingStein. She got the clue and played along. Before long, we were dancing in our little area. My friend is a good dancer, so I'm having fun. At some point, we needed to take a breather, and she needed a drink. She grabs my hand, and we make a mad dash to the bar. I grab a beer, she grabs some girly cocktail, and we're chatting it up, walking through the dance floor, back towards our table. I couldn't believe it. The three girls and one guy were still in the same corner of the dance floor. I made eye contact with a cutie, gave her a "what's up" nod, and smiled. She ignored me, but as she turned around, I realized something; she had a unique perspective of my entire night. She could see everything. Did she? Who knows. What I knew was that I had to make some moves. I gave my friend a spin and plopped her right in between my roommate and the birthday boy and his friends. I made a quiet exit towards the bathroom (thankfully the line was small).

Ok, I'm out on the dance floor, weaving in and out of fellow drunken dancers, and I spot the girl. She's wearing a tight one piece white skirt with large dark pink and black dots. I made eye contact with her again, but this time I didn't look away. She cracked a smile and looked away; I was in. I danced my way over, spinning in between girls 2 and 3. They were not amused, but she was. I pulled off a couple of moves before turning around and smacking her ass with mine. She smiled and was getting into it. When she turned around, I joking bent over grabbed her hand, and made her slap my ass.

"You've got some nice moves," she giggled. "Wooo!!" She loved it. She was cracking up. I'd spin her out, then in, stepping and turning, moving around the entire dance floor. I grinded with her and tugged on her hair. Each time I pushed her away, I pulled her in tighter and tighter. Meanwhile, I was having fun. She was having fun. But her friends weren't. We were dancing and escalating for about 40 minutes, when the dude in her group whispered something in her ear. I stood there. We were staring at each other. When he finished, she hugged me, kissed me on my cheek and said, "You'd better call me, or I'll be pissed." I gave her my phone, and she typed in her # then left with her friends. She gave me one last glance before disappearing up the stairs.

I walked back to my table thinking, "Ok, I just got a girl's number without saying a single word to her." I looked at it for a second. I thought she had hit send, so she could get my number as well. As I cleared my phone, it became obvious to me that, no, she did not. I just lost this girl's number.

Now, on a scale of tragedies from 1 to 10, 1 being your shoelaces just came untied, and 10 being the bombing of Pearl Harbor, this was a 3. I'm not all that good at phone game, and I didn't really build up much of or a repoir with her. The main idea running through my head at that time was, "Is this repeatable? Can it really be that easy to pick up girls?" Only time will tell.

-=HeLO =-

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